Behavior demographics are criteria that categorize a person or household according to the behaviors or habits in which they regularly engage. This includes lists of those who regularly attend a gym, use a credit card, give to charities, spend a good portion of income on food and entertainment, attend sporting events, purchase items from the internet, sell items on the internet, or rent an apartment or automobile.

These demographics may seem broad or unimportant, but they are actually of the utmost importance in understanding your clientele and marketing directly to them. For example, it would be a waste to market a fancy restaurant to those who rarely spend money on dining out, but it would be a good investment to market to those who do so regularly. Similarly, there is little reason to advertise a new apartment complex to someone who already owns a home. However, those who rent apartments tend to move from building to building fairly frequently as lease agreements and rental fees change. It would be beneficial to know which households have members who regularly attend sporting events if you are selling tickets or sports memorabilia.

Here at ProMarketing Leads we can provide you with lists specifically targeted for any behavior demographic, including but not limited to the following:

Bank Card – Credit Card Users
Brand Name Medicine Propensity Buyers
Business Owners
Business Owners at Home
Buying Activity
Casino Gamblers
Home Value
Charitable Givers
Community Involvement
Credit – Range of New Credit
Credit Card – New Issue
Credit Card Indicator
Credit Card Issuer
Discretionary Income
Dwelling Type
Green Living Household
Health Ailments / Concerns
Home Market Value
Home Purchase Amount
Home Purchase Date
Home Purchase Year
Homeowner / Renter
Life Insurance Policy Owner
Loan Amounts
Loan to Value Range
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Order Donor
Mail Order Responder
Net Worth
New Car Buyer
Number of Credit Lines
Online Orders – Dollars Spent
Open Auto Loans
Political Party
Probable Teen Driver
Property Type
Recent Divorced
Recent Home Buyer
Recent Mortgage Borrower
Telephone Number – Do Not Call List (DNC) Scrubbed
Vehicle – Intend to Purchase
Vehicle Type Owned
Vehicle – Number Owned
Working Woman
Year Home Built