Age & Life Stages

One other type of demographic that can be of great assistance in developing a targeted marketing campaign is the age and life stages demographic. This demographic categorizes households according to the ages of the occupants, as well as their life stages. Specifics within this demographic include number of adults and children in the household, ages of everyone in the household, recent college graduates, single parents, newlyweds, and expectant parents.

This demographic is beneficial if you are creating a campaign for a product or service specifically geared toward someone in a certain age range or stage of life. Romantic cruises are great for newlyweds, but not as convenient for expectant parents or those with young children. Daycare services are great for those with young children, but useless for a house of all-male recent college graduates. Information on senior citizen activities will be best received if sent to homes with seniors!

It is easy to see how this demographic criteria information can be useful when planning your marketing campaign.

Here at ProMarketing Leads we can provide you with lists specifically targeted for any age and life stage demographic, including but not limited to the following:

Expectant Parent
Marital Status
Date of Birth
Empty Nester
Number of Adults in Household
Number of Children in Household
Single Parent
Presence of Children
Marital Status
Child Nearing High School Graduation
Children’s Age Range
College Graduate
Marital Status
Age in 2-Year Increments