Knowing and understanding your target audience is a key factor in any good marketing campaign. This is true whether you are filming a television commercial, creating a billboard, designing a newspaper ad, or compiling a direct mailing list. Here at ProMarketing Leads, we are able to identify and classify hundreds of different demographics that can help you appropriately and effectively target consumers with your direct mail campaign.

A demographic is a criterion that describes a certain aspect of a person or family, such as age, income, occupation, family status, and hobbies. It is important to understand the demographics of your target area in order to sell them any product or service. For example, if you are offering a daycare service, you will want to focus on homes that have young children. If you are opening a restaurant, you need to know if your clientele belongs to a walking community or a driving community, so you know how much parking to provide. If you open a kosher market, you may want to target Jewish homes.

Understanding your clientele is the key to targeted marketing. Luckily, we here at ProMarketing Leads have information on just about any demographic, so you can customize and personalize any direct mailing campaign. Details on some of our newest demographic lists can be found below:

Behavior Demographics
Age & Life Stages Demographics
Language & Cultural Demographics