List Enhancement

List enhancement & list hygiene services produce more accurate marketing results.

Understanding the benefits of list enhancement and list hygiene is essential to running fruitful direct marketing campaigns time and time again. By taking an automatic approach to optimizing your mailing lists and leads lists, your marketing results should continue to improve with each and every campaign you run. ProMarketing Leads can help you make sure your leads are incredibly accurate while providing plenty of comprehensive supporting information necessary in order to create better response and conversion.

What is list hygiene?

It’s just inevitable – sometimes list data becomes dated, inaccurate, and obsolete. The main goal of list hygiene is simply to clean up once-effective lists by either eliminating incorrect information or by making the appropriate corrections where possible. Our portfolio of expert list hygiene services includes:

Do Not Call Compliance – We’ll scrub your against the latest National Do Not Call list to ensure full compliance.

National Change Of Address – Commonly referred to as NCOA, we’ll make sure your lists are updated with any recent address changes on file with the United States Postal Service.

Maximum Change Of Address – Most often described as Max-COA, we’ll take our NCOA service a couple of steps further by including up to two prior addresses and moves having occurred in the last five years.

Data Validation – When lists are added to and modified over time, problems often occur with data formatting and standards. We’ll consolidate lists and make sure every item is consistently formatted and optimized to ZIP+4 guidelines.

Delivery Sequence File – With our DSF service, we’ll verify addresses for each mailing list item with the United States Postal Service and make changes as required.

Coding Accuracy Support System – CASS aims to make ZIP and ZIP+4 data as accurate as possible, along with adding precise delivery barcodes and mail carrier information.

Locatable Address Conversion System – Known as LACS, this process involves updating any outdated rural address to modern address formatting.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways we can help when it comes to improving the hygiene of your lists. By doing regular list hygiene maintenance, you’ll improve the list’s accuracy, effectiveness, delivery rates, and response rates – reducing direct marketing related expenses at the same time. List hygiene improves return on investment and prolongs the life of any given list substantially.

What is list enhancement?

Basically, list enhancement is the process of expertly building upon a base list, adding relevant additional information that will improve the effectiveness of your unique direct marketing campaign. List enhancement is about digging a little bit deeper into what the existing list already provides and using the newfound info to help target your list. It is filling in the blanks and expanding your business list and consumer list with helpful details.

For example, list enhancement might take your existing database of customers and phone numbers and match it up with fully CAN-SPAM compliant email addresses able to be used for improved reach to your customer base. List enhancement can also be used to compliment an existing database with precise demographic info.

The direct marketing professionals at ProMarketing Leads are fully aware of the value offered by a clean, good quality direct mailing, telemarketing, or email list. We understand why and how you must be able to depend on the business and consumer lists you have available. That’s why we have partnered with the leading list enhancement and list hygiene experts to help you keep your lists razor sharp and effective.

Compared to many other providers, our prices are quite competitive. And we’re sure you’ll find that the results from hygiene and enhancement will stand on their own. But perhaps the best part is the fact that you can count on the ProMarketing Leads commitment to serving every one of our customers with excellence from start to finish.

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