ProMarketing Leads Announces New International B2B Opt-In Email Database with Over 20 Million Contacts

We are proud to announce a brand new opportunity for B2B marketers. Now you can begin to expand your business internationally using the new ProMarketing Leads International database that that consists of over 20 million contacts.

With the advancement of communication technology today the world is becoming a smaller place. As a business, big or small, it is now easier than ever to begin expanding outside of your national borders and peruse international opportunities that you may have previously thought to be impossible. With ProMarketing’s giant international opt-in email database, finding these new opportunities is now a manageable task that can lead to new contacts and great rewards.

“ProMarketing Leads provides our business marketing list clients with a comprehensive addressable marketing business email list solution making it possible to hyper-target business decision makers across the multiple marketing channels using an all in one business email list, business mailing lists and business telemarketing lists” says Brad Allen. With these lists you can begin to narrow your potential clients even further by customizing and filtering your lists by title, industry, geography, and size of the business. This allows you to focus your marketing campaign and potentially save you valuable time and money.

It is no secret that a number of businesses today are continually reaching new international customers. Not only can expanding internationally lead to new opportunities in new markets but it also enables you to diversify you client list, protecting you in times of economic downturn both at home and abroad. Now with ProMarketing’s lead lists and email marketing lists, the process of finding international clients becomes much easier.

Author: Brad Allen

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Marketing list professional with over 12 years experience in sales and marketing. Proficient in all areas of direct and online database marketing, marketing management, and business development.

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