How can international business list strategies boost your marketing ROI?

International mailing list strategies are a smart idea in today’s global marketplace.

Global mailing lists now give us the ability to reach new markets all over the world.  At ProMarketingLeads we have postal, telemarketing and email lists of business executives selectable by industry and title from around the globe. These lists can be used to reach new markets all over the world.  Direct marketing is not just restricted by borders anymore. We live in a global economy now and your marketing needs to reach across boarders in order to tap new markets.

How do international business list strategies boost marketing ROI?  With the expanding capabilities for companies to leverage global marketplaces, having an international business list strategy can compliment any marketing plan.

Companies can gather international business lists easily.  There are many services readily available to provide lists of international companies.  These services can not only provide the company name and address, but specific contact names with titles, business size, type of business, and a variety of ratings including financial statistics.

Also, companies can gather international business lists by leveraging the company website and services through the site.  Online forms and promotions combined with email campaigns can help a company compile international business lists very quickly to boost marketing ROI.

Once the lists are obtained, there are some techniques to leveraging international business lists to boost marketing ROI:

1.    Roll with it. A company can use the existing domestic business list strategy for the international business list to boost marketing ROI.  By simply using what already exists, the investment is expanded globally with very little effort.    There are some risks because USA marketing techniques do not always translate well to some international businesses.  Companies should use some caution but for those countries like the United Kingdom this should be a relatively easy “win”.

2.      Focus it.  A company can review the data within the international business list to boost marketing ROI using a focused technique.  Based on the type of business, the company can target-market the business in specific countries.  This could require some translation work and adaptation of the company’s international website or marketing campaign.  However, with a highly focused target the odds of success are greatly improved versus the “chum the water” approach.

3.     Get specific.  A company could specifically target a particular country within the international business list to boost marketing ROI.  While some work on the company website or marketing campaign may need to be tailored to the specific country, the marketing strategy can be customized for that specific country’s tastes and culture.

4.     Go hybrid.  Any combination of the above techniques could be used with an international business list to boost marketing ROI.  A company could choose to focus on a specific type of business within a specific country.  Or perhaps the company could choose other international organizations to become strategic partners, thus leveraging “common” international needs for the partner companies.

One example might be that an office supplies company could partner with a uniform distributor.  Both companies could target the same international business list while utilizing each other for international purchases and shipping.

Through these techniques, companies can boost marketing ROI through the utilization of international business lists.  During challenging economic times, leveraging investments is critical regardless of the location of the company.

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