Is B2B Telemarketing Still Relevant?

The phone is still a powerful and highly effective lead generation tool.  With the sophistication of Business Marketing Lists for B2B Direct Mail Campaigns, B2B Email Lists or B2B Telemarketing Leads the ability to target very niche B2B audiences is phenomenal.  Throughout the B2B direct marketing industry B2B telemarketing is alive and well as a major part of the marketing mix.  As most marketing analysts will attest when B2B telemarketing is added to a B2B direct mail campaign conversions are maximized.  Highly targeted B2B Telemarketing Leads can produce fantastic ROI results.  Typically, the more targeted the campaign the grater the ROI.

With all the marketing buzz on varies forms of direct marketing and social media it often gets lost how effective it is to engage your target audience in the most personal and interactive marketing medium – a phone conversation.

Author: Brad Allen

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Marketing list professional with over 12 years experience in sales and marketing. Proficient in all areas of direct and online database marketing, marketing management, and business development.

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