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Holiday time is here again. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, the first snowfall, or nothing at all, there is no denying that the world is different during this time of year. People are more generous with their time and money, making it the perfect time to being a brand new direct mailing campaign, specially geared toward those who want to do good will for the holidays.

If you run a charitable organization, such as a homeless shelter, church group, or soup kitchen, the Christmas holiday season may be the perfect time to use your direct mailing campaign to earn both time and money donations. Send your direct mail to people in your community, asking for time donations for Thanksgiving and Christmas at a soup kitchen, monetary donations for a homeless shelter, and even for donated presents for underprivileged children in your homeless shelter, battered women’s shelter, or church group. No child should be left out of the holiday seasons due to lack of funds. Ask people around your community to donate winter clothes, toys, and books and to wrap them festively. Then on Christmas, you will be able to share the holiday spirit with children in need.

ProMarketing Leads can help you design a targeted direct mailing list that will help to generate holiday giving. Remember, a holiday direct mailings campaign is different from your regular direct mailing campaign. Use festive paper and colored envelopes. Opt for metallic swirly writing and limited-edition seasonal stamps. For a religious touch, add a nativity season background. For a non-religious Christmas touch, add a picture of Santa or a Christmas tree. For a touch of Hanukkah, add a menorah and opt for lots of blues and yellows. To simply play up the season, look for paper and stamps that have snowflakes and snowmen. These are simple, silly touches, but will help get people in the giving holiday spirit.

Once you have your design, give ProMarketing Leads a call. We will work closely with you to design your targeted direct mailing campaign. We can get addresses for those around the community who regularly donate to charities, or who have volunteered at holiday events in the past. We can even reach out to parish or synagogue communities. Make this holiday season an extra-special one…and let ProMarketing Leads help.

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