Cultural & Language Selects

In order to help make the most of your direct mailing campaign, ProMarketing Leads is now offering lists of cultural and language selects for consumer mailing lists. These lists break down households into categories according to their preferred languages and cultural interests. Our lists have expanded to include demographics for over 80 languages and over 150 different cultural criteria.

If you are looking to create a mailing list for your company to send to potential or current consumers, it is important to know who you are targeting. With our language selects, you will be able to send consumers direct mail in their preferred language. You can even tailor your campaign to reach those who are most likely to purchase your product or service, such as targeting Jewish households to sell kosher foods or non-English speaking households to offer English lessons. These targeted lists are crucial for anyone offering a service or product that is specifically geared toward those of a certain culture, religion, or who speak a certain language.

Our language-targeted lists include lists of non-English speaking households as well as multi-lingual households. We have lists of households that speak any language, ranging from English and Spanish to Tagalog and Kirghiz. Our cultural lists provide household information on practiced religions, ethnicities, and countries of origin.

If you offer a product or service and would like to target households that speak a certain language or adhere to a certain cultural practice, ProMarketing Leads can provide you with all the information you need. Your direct mail campaign will be effective and efficient, specifically targeting those who are mostly likely to respond to your advertisements.

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