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If direct mail seems like an old-fashioned way to advertise, you’re right. However, old-fashioned is not necessarily a bad thing! In this economy, any uncommon way of advertising is something that will catch the eye of the average consumer. Everyone nowadays is on Facebook and Twitter. While it’s good to have these social media outlets, why stop there?

Once you have tackled all of the new, modern ways of advertising, such as television, internet, and social media, the best next step is to move backwards. Direct mailing is a great way to get in touch with current and potential customers in a more personal way. Instead of Facebook ads and Twitter updates, poised online for anyone to see, mailings are delivered right to a customer’s door, with their own name and address on the mailing label. Who doesn’t love getting mail?

In a world where online ads and social media terms are constantly being thrown around and bombarding the everyday person, old-fashioned, personalized advertising is still appreciated. Here at ProMarketing Leads, we offer targeted mailing lists at the lowest costs to help you perfect your advertising plan. We can help you not only target your current customers in a personal manner, but also help you find new customers in certain demographic areas, such as age, location, or catalog subscriptions.

With our direct mailing lists, your ad campaign will be personalized and traditional. Add our direct mail campaign to your social media campaigns and you will successfully dominate all forms of advertisement, helping to expand your business even in this tough economy.

Author: Brad Allen

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Marketing list professional with over 12 years experience in sales and marketing. Proficient in all areas of direct and online database marketing, marketing management, and business development.

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