Get the Most Out of Direct Mail Over the Holiday Season

by Brad Allen

The holiday season is busy for everyone, consumers, retailers, and businesses alike. It’s the time of year when consumers spend the most, and that means it’s a great time for businesses to advertise. For retailers and businesses that are looking to increase their holiday sales figures, this is a great opportunity to generate marketing leads, sales, and customers through direct mail marketing.

The Holiday Season is the Best Time For Direct Mail List Marketing

Direct mail is a simple concept that works for any type of organization, whether you’re in the retail business and have products that make great holiday gifts, or you’re a contractor who provides home maintenance services. Direct mail to home-owners is a very valuable marketing tool in either case, and at any time of the year, but it’s particularly useful over the holiday period, for three reasons.

  • Open rates are highest over the holiday season; most people open every piece of mail that comes addressed to them at this time of year, so your mail isn’t likely to be discarded.
  • Sending out a greeting card or another item at this time of year helps to humanize the face of your organization and create positive associations in the minds of customers.
  • Any follow-up direct mail items you send out subsequently are more likely to be opened and more likely to generate sales; this is especially true if your holiday mailing is a “non-salesy” greeting card.

Advertising Mailer, or Season’s Greetings?

Direct mail is something of a forgotten marketing tactic these days, especially when it almost seems that it’s easier and less expensive to reach someone’s email inbox than it is to reach their physical mailbox. However, if your business already has a homeowner mailing list, there’s no better time of year to use it, and the advertising mail-out you create doesn’t have to be a lavish and expensive one; it just has to be useful to your recipients.

Alternatively, a holiday greeting card is a simple but effective way of reminding customers of you and your organization, with the advantage of generating additional goodwill by simple virtue of the fact that you’re not trying to sell something. It’s a concept that works for both B2C and B2B organizations, and it’s easily an easily-executed way of thanking clients and customers for their business, at the same time as providing a gentle reminder of your business relationship. Write a quick personal note for special customers or clients, and if you must add some form of advertising, adding a business card or small brochure is more holiday-appropriate than a hard sell.

Another reason mailing greeting cards is particularly useful is the nostalgia they evoke. These days it’s more usual for businesses to send out e-cards, and businesses that still mail real greeting cards are much less common than they used to be. Connecting your organization with the sense of nostalgia evoked by a real greeting card creates an especially positive association, and nostalgia is itself a feeling that actually makes people want to spend money. So, to get the most out of your direct mailing over the holiday period, finding a way to tap into that sense of nostalgia.

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